Second International Conference on

Archaeological Prospection 1997

9 - 11 September 1997, Ise, Japan

First Circular - Call for Papers

About the Conference

The First International Conference on Archaeological Prospection was held at the Department of Archaeological Sciences, University of Bradford, U.K., in September 1995. The second conference will be held in the Isa-Shima National Park area of Japan.

The conference will focus on recent work in all aspects of archaeological prospection including remote sensing, architectural studies, underwater archaeology and chemical analysis.

Topics presented should be of broad interest to archaeologists as well as specialists working in technical fields. Contributions involving related problems in specific field studies are welcomed.

The conference will be composed of invited papers, oral presentations and poster sessions.

Those interested in making presentations at the conference are invited to complete the pre-registration form and return it no later than 1 November 1996. Those responding will receive a second circular with information on the submission of abstracts, registration and accommodations.

The official language will be English but Japanese may be used at Poster Sessions when speaking to a Japanese audience.

The conference site is located close to Ise Pearl Island and the historic Shinto Shrine "Ise Jingu".

Organizing Committee

International Advisory Board

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Dept. Arch. Sci. 18 November 1996
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