ISAP International Society
for Archaeological Prospection

Corporate/Institutional Membership

It often is desirable for companies or institutions to only have a single membership subscription for the Society. This is accommodated by the Institutional Membership (also referred to as Corporate Membership) as defined in the constitution (section 3.2b).

The annual membership fee for corporate/institutional members is currently £30 (British Pound Sterling) or 45 Euros.

The institution is represented by a single nominated contact person who receives the communications from the Society (e.g. by email), has his/her contact details registered with ISAP and email address included on the ISAP email list. Only this person can post to the email list on behalf of the Institution.

The benefits of corporate/institutional membership are

The Corporate/Institutional Membership fee is due on 1st January of every year. Please use the relevant renewal form. To convert an exiting Individual Membership into a Corporate/Institutional Membership, or to set up newly such membership, please contact the Honorary Secretary.
Last updated on 25 December 2012
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