ISAP International Society
for Archaeological Prospection


"The object of the Society shall be to advance the education of the public in archaeology (including the man-made landscape and the built-environment) through the promotion of high standards of research, application and communication in the field of archaeological prospection and related studies. The Society's scope shall be international, both in activities and membership."

For more details please see the full Constitution

The inaugural meeting of the Society was held on 13 September 2003, during the 5th International Conference on Archaeological Prospection in Cracow, Poland.

Management Committee

As elected on 11 Sept 2009:
Chairman Dr. Chris Gaffney, Bradford, U.K. C.Gaffney 'at'
Vice-Chairman Dr. Christophe Benech, Lyon, France Christophe.Benech 'at'
Honorary Secretary Dr. Armin Schmidt, Bradford, U.K. A.Schmidt 'at'
Conference Secretary Prof. Wolfgang Neubauer, Vienna, Austria Wolfgang.Neubauer 'at'
Conference Vice-Secretary Prof. Mahmut Drahor, Izmir, Turkey Goktug.Drahor 'at'
Editor Robert Fry, Bradford, U.K. R.J.Fry 'at'
Treasurer Chris Leech, Leighton Buzzard, U.K. Chris 'at'

Pictures and short biography of the members of the management committee

Founding Members

A list detailing the Founding Members from the inaugural meeting on 13 September 2003, Cracow.
Last updated on 25 December 2012
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